Something new: The new symbolizes your new life together, the project you begin with your marriage. Bringing something new will bring prosperity and happiness to your marriage. It can be the wedding dress or underwear.

Something borrowed: The tradition of borrowing something comes from an ancient superstition that says you can attract happiness if you wear something from someone who is happy in their marriage. Today, it is a symbol of friendship on the part of the person who lends it. It is usually an intimate friend who leaves it to the bride and usually, it is a handkerchief or some jewel.

Something blue: This custom originates in ancient Israel where brides wore a blue band symbolizing purity, love, and faithfulness. Today, the custom is limited to wearing something blue, but it still means fidelity and lasting love.

Something old: Wearing something old is a symbol of continuity with the above. It symbolizes that family and friends ties are not broken, they are only transformed to adapt to your new life together. It can be a family jewel or some element such as the veil of the bride that by family tradition passes from mothers to daughters.

Ladies and pages at weddings: Formerly bridesmaids helped the bride to move because the dresses were very heavy. Today the bridesmaids are usually close friends of the brides and the ladies and pages have become children of the closest relatives who give a touch of color before the arrival of the bride throwing petals in their path.

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